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Monday, July 25, 2005


Iran Executes Two - What Was Their Crime?


To determine the crime of the two accused acccording to media reports and govenmental press releases.


The accused have been convicted of assault, theft, and alchohol consumption according to one report, Amnesty International, a reliable factual source. There is no reliable source indicating that the crimes were not as mentioned above. There is also no reliable source indicating that the accused were executed for "homosexuality".


  1. Crime - Unverified - ISNA - 07/19/05

    On July 19th, 2005, the Iranian Students' News Agency (ISNA) publishes the first-known media report of the execution. The report is in Farsi, so no verification can be made as to what the crime of the accused was. According to Wikipedia, while close to some Iranian officials, the ISNA has managed to remain an independent news agency and approach the complex cultural, social, and political issues in contemporary Iran from a critical point of view.

    If there is any user that is able to provide a reliable translation, please post or send an email to

  2. Crime - Public Disruption - NCR - 07/20/05

    On July 20th, 2005, The National Council of Resistance, releases a press release about the executions. This press release indicates: "The victims were charged with disrupting public order among other things."

    The NCR has been designated by the US Government as a terrorist organization, and has an objective of overthrowing the Government of Iran.

  3. Crime - Unverified - Iran Focus News - 07/20/05

    The executions were also cited in the report put forth by the Iranian news source, Iran Focus. No mention of the crime of the accused was made. Iran Focus is a not-for-profit news agency dedicated to providing balanced and fair reporting on events within Iran.

    Contrary to mainstream media reports, the Iranian press did not mention any crimes associated with theft and alchohol consumption at this date.

  4. Crime - Sexual Assault, Alchohol Consumption, Theft - Amnesty International - 07/22/05

    Amnesty International issues a report on its investigation and concludes that the crime of the accused includes:

    "According to reports, they were convicted of sexual assault on a 13-year-old boy and had been detained 14 months ago. Prior to their execution, the two were also given 228 lashes each for drinking, disturbing the peace and theft."

  5. Crime - Homosexuality - OutRage - 07/21/05

    A queer rights direct action group called OutRage! based in the UK, released a report stating that the Iranian Government executed the two accused because they were homosexual.

    There is no source for this accusation, aside from the following observation:

    "If the 13 year old was sexually assaulted, why was he not identified and also put on trial (under Iranian law both the victims and perpetrators of sexual crimes are punished)?"

    No other references to the crime of the accused are made.

  6. Crime - Sexual Assault - Times Online UK - 07/22/05

    The Times Online released a report stating that the crime committed by the two accused was the following:

    "IRAN has publicly hanged two male teenagers convicted of raping a 13-year-old boy at knifepoint."

    It cites the official position held by the Iranian Government, incorrectly, since the original claim is made by Amnesty International. There is a possibility that the Times Online verified Amnesty International's position with the official version by the Iranian Government.

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